Animation and Story Telling Workshop @ Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Department, Istanbul 

We started the series of children's stories for the Love of the Bee with the invitation of the instructor Başak Ürkmez in the 2020 spring semester of MSGSF, Graphic Design 3rd grade students Animation Storytelling course.
The pandemic situation, which developed after the first face-to-face lesson in February 2020, forced us to complete the entire process of informing, storytelling and design on the content digitally. This series of children's books, prepared in Turkish and English with the participation of 18 students, 18 different stories with unique animations are ready for publication.

Our vision
Raising awareness among young people for the sustainability of ecological balances and
To contribute to raise a generation sensitive to the nature through art.

Our Objectives

To inform the participants about the bee-nature-human relationship;
To support the participants to shape their knowledge by using original and individual expression
and allowing them to create a work together;
To share these works with greater public through exhibitions.