Carved Wood Printing Workshop @ Mersin

The 3rd International Mersin Science Festival projects aim at attaining scientific communication, wide-spread involvement of masses with the scientific knowledge, forming awareness for topics such as nature-science and technology; making it accessible in a fun and easy to understand manner.
"For the Love of Bee!" team joined the festival with the conversations on local flora, the importance of endemics in the region and the impact of bees in the sustenance of the natural habitat.
Between 28-30 September the workshop has been attended by almost 400 participants of all age groups, focusing mainly on children.

Our vision
Raising awareness among young people for the sustainability of ecological balances and
To contribute to raise a generation sensitive to the nature through art.

Our Objectives

To inform the participants about the bee-nature-human relationship;
To support the participants to shape their knowledge by using original and individual expression
and allowing them to create a work together;
To share these works with greater public through exhibitions.