Graphic Design Kit Workshop @ Istanbul

The Bee Nature Human project is a collective work that examines the role and relationship of bee and human within their shared ecosystem.
Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Design students who collaborated in the “For the Love of Bee!” project during 2018/2019 school year autumn term within the context of the “Interdisciplinary Design” and “Time, Idea, Process” programs have produced a book as an output of the communication, search and brainstorming on the alarming damages in biodiversity and climate crisis in recent years.
Honeybees inspire us in reconsidering harmony in nature, by providing the fundamental functions for sustainability through collective work, good communication and collective decision mechanisms.

Our vision
Raising awareness among young people for the sustainability of ecological balances and
To contribute to raise a generation sensitive to the nature through art.

Our Objectives

To inform the participants about the bee-nature-human relationship;
To support the participants to shape their knowledge by using original and individual expression
and allowing them to create a work together;
To share these works with greater public through exhibitions.