Bahçende Kim Vızıldıyor?

Erken bahar aylarında etrafta görebileceğiniz arıların çoğu yalnız yaşayan yerel arılardır. Yeryüzünde neredeyse 20,000 e yakın türü barındıran bu canlılar, marangoz arılar duvarcı arılar, yaprak kesen arılar, tarakçı arılar gibi ilginç özelliklerini betimleyen isimleri ile Türkiye coğrafyasında da yaşamlarını sürdürür. Oysa biz hepsini yaban arısı ya da eşek arısı diye tanır

In early spring , the most of the bees you see around are solitary native bees. A range of 20,000 different types of bees named after their interesting characteristics, like carpenter bees, mining bees, leaf cutter bees, wool carder bees sustain their presence also in the landscape of Turkey. Unfortunately, we merely know them as wasps or wild bees.

Today climate change, urbanization, destruction of habitats, artificial cityscapes, chemical wastes, agricultural pollution and many other human factors threaten bees to sustain their lives and the biodiversity in nature. Therefore “For the Love of Bee!” collective has shifted their attention to native bees and started off the project “Who is Buzzing in your Garden?”. The project aims to combine the education modules that are formed by the scientific data provided by the Istanbul University Biology Department Team together with the works of artists from diverse fields to offer activities in order to increase awareness and sensibility in this field. The project which is in line with UN’s “2030 biodiversity strategy” is implementing the pilot at Istanbul Robert College students. The project that has received ArtsMap Microsupport Funds, have been honored by the Dutch Consulate Cultural Department Funds in 2022.