Exhibitions and Lectures:

As young participants get actively engaged in environmental issues, they develop a more critical eye towards behavior patterns of society. At the same time, expressed and materialized through art, their ideas reach a greater audience. Just like bees pollinate for nature, students creatively pollinate ideas through art. For sustainability each pollen counts.

At a time where ecological balance is under threat, For the Love of Bee! wishes for more youth projects to tackle the delicate human-nature relationship through art, and to be an example to such projects.

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Our vision
Raising awareness among young people for the sustainability of ecological balances and
To contribute to raise a generation sensitive to the nature through art.

Our Objectives

To inform the participants about the bee-nature-human relationship;
To support the participants to shape their knowledge by using original and individual expression
and allowing them to create a work together;
To share these works with greater public through exhibitions.