Play For the Love of Bee!


Bee Nature Human


TECHNIC: book offset print  (350 editions)

YEAR: 2019

ARTISTS : Nil İlkbaşaran, Güngör Erdem, Prof.Melih Görgün and 21 participating students from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Graphic Design

The Bee Nature Human project is a collective work that examines how human lifestyle, habits and increasing consumption patterns effect the changing habitat of the honeybee. This work, which focuses on the role and relationship of bee and human within their shared ecosystem, aims at transferring knowledge in a cycle of change towards sustainable living through art.

Students who experience these approaches at first hand on artistic  platforms prepare themselves for collective thinking, acting and solutions as a world citizen.  Bee Nature Human, aspires to direct the interest of youth to this field at a time when ecological balances are threatened. The “Bee Nature Human” book is an exemplary participatory art work in terms of making an introduction to thinking about the process of changing climate policies led by the new generation.



TECHNIC: Book, silk screen print  (30 editions)

YEAR: 2018

ARTISTS : Nil İlkbaşaran, Maria Sezer, Güngör Erdem, Alican Metin and 16 participating students from Marmara University, Department of Graphic Design

Today, pollinators and plants are under the threat of mankind, and natural resources continue to degrade in an accelerating pace. We must understand that we need to change our patterns of production and consumption in order to avert this threat.  How each and every one of us can contribute actively to this social transformation?

The book titled “Karakovan” depicts the informative presentations and conversations that take a close look at the mysterious world of the honeybee with a laborous craftswork like building up the cells of a hive and filling it with nectar. “Karakovan” not only exhibits the views and the signature design of each student on the topic, but also spreads an important message to viewers of the book: As students get actively engaged in environmental issues, they develop a more critical eye towards behavior patterns of society and they can express their ideas through art to the greater public in effective ways. Just like bees pollinate for nature, the students creatively pollinate ideas through art.