We decided to work together For the Love of Bee!  and bring people together of all ages and disciplines to cross-pollinate the awareness on bees. We wanted to tell everyone how adorable bees can be and why we need them so much

Bees take the nectar in their bodies and process it in order to produce honey, The participants of our workshops interpret the infomation on bees with indivdiual creativity and expression.  Like the collectivity in the hive they worked towards one goal, helping each other, covering for another where needed

We have been working with Diverse cohorts, each time with tailor made programs using different interest levels and skills. The project is woven like the cells of a hive in an organic way. We collaborate with different artists, institutions, associations and  get as many people involved and excited on pollination around this awareness.

When we finish the workshops, kids dont want to leave, I received drawings and other hand made gifts of bees they did after the workshop. The enthusiasm around it I could not spread the word stronger than them. We have created a big group of bee advocates who will most likely keep it for their lives.

Art offers a perfect platform : a platform to revive the diminishing traditional practices and preserving local unique cultures.

"For the Love of Bee!" is a call for a sustainabe future. This could be a module that can be adopted by any trio: a combination of school, beegarden and an artist.

If you are interested in joining the colony, please contact us.