Following a research period starting in 2014 For the Love of Bee! workshops reached more than 2,000 children and young adults across Turkey in 2017-2019.

For the Love of Bee! workshops unfold in two phases. In phase one, participants learn about the life of bees and their impact on human life, followed by how individuals can care for both human and bee habitats. Young adults get a chance to meet with and learn from experts from a range of disciplines, including artists, beekeepers, botanists and designers. They can also observe bees in real life during bee yard visits.

In phase two, participants are coached on an art technique to transform their newly acquired knowledge into a material artifact.  Each event workshop is curated individually, considering the skills of participants and utilizing traditional local crafts and materials. Local craftsmen are invited to join in the production process. For the Love of Bee! Art Workshops take place in public spaces that maximize participation, and become incubation platforms for further conversations on the topic.

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